Mark Damon Hughes  | Brigand

Version 1.0

Free to Play
Warrior Pack $9.99 one-time IAP

Beneath the crumbling ruins of the Harbinger Lord's temple, a stairway spirals down into darkness. You are about to enter a limitless, infinitely evil dungeon. On each level, there is a stairway further down, to greater treasures, more terrible monsters.

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About Pricing

Brigand took me a year to develop. By myself. I'm not supported by Evil Arrogance Games. I'm one guy on a laptop with AppCode, Acorn, and Creative Commons. So if you like games that aren't corporate junk, please support independent game development.

You can play the game as an Adventurer for free. The Adventurer's competent if not good, and you can see everything in the game that way, but you'd have to be amazing and lucky.

A single $9.99 In-App Purchase is used to unlock the Warrior Pack of additional archetypes, and it also unlocks some dungeon features and treasures. Later more IAP unlocks may be added.

I'm never going to nickel-and-dime you for gems, extra lives, or daily time limits.

Thank you so much for your support!


Copyright © 2015 by Mark Damon Hughes. All Rights Reserved.
Title art: Slava Gerj, ©
Terrain art: Hyptosis, CC-BY 3.0, URL
Character art: DragonDePlatino, CC-BY-SA 3.0, URL
Item art: David Gervais <>
UI icons: icons8 <>
Music: Digital Sound Media, a division of REM Publishing Ltd.
Sounds: --Bender--, CC-BY 3.0 URL,
  Erdie, CC-BY 3.0 URL,
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