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Version 0.2 released 2006Feb09

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ThoughtPad is a simple multi-document editor for taking and organizing notes quickly.

ThoughtPad is still in early development, only the most basic features work yet, and it has no documentation.

What Works:

You can edit in the text area.

Save, Save As, Rename, and Delete do pretty much what you'd expect.

The "path"/filename of a thought must start with a /, each directory is separated by a /, and directories and filenames can only contain letters, digits, dash (-), underscore (_), and period (.). The thoughts are actually stored under the directory $HOME/ThoughtPad.

If you don't like the default editor color or font, use Options to change it. Your colors, fonts, and screen position are remembered after you quit and restart.

Current Planned Features:

Download Java
Download ThoughtPad 0.2 (11K)

Last modified: 2006Feb10
Released 0.2

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