Version 3.2

An Old-School Role-Playing Game

by Mark Damon Hughes

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The kingdom cries out for justice! For centuries, the Temple of Darkness was sealed beneath the castle, the Harbinger Lord trapped within, guaranteeing peace for the kingdom above.

Recently, the treacherous imp Ascaroth crept into the castle, slipped past the guards and the watchful King Minox, and broke the seals! The Temple's opening spells doom!

Now, the wilderness is overrun with monsters, growing more powerful every day.

All of the kingdom's experienced knights and wizards, masters of their professions but not true heroes, have been lost in battle with the monsters. Prophecy says that only an novice adventurer with limitless potential can become the Chosen One, able to enter the Temple of Darkness, battle the Harbinger Lord, and seal the Temple once more!

Perilar is a turn-based RPG, in the style of classic computer RPGs. You will create a character with old-school game mechanics, then explore a vast and dangerous world.

As you adventure, you will gain experience and levels--or die trying! Fantastic weapons and armor can be found only by defeating monsters, and more powerful monsters can only be defeated with proper weapons and armor.

As you become more powerful, you will face greater and greater challenges, until you can return to the castle and face the Harbinger Lord himself!

Creating a Character

To create your character, choose a name, race, job, and adjust your stats.




Humans are jacks of all trades, masters of none. They have no disadvantages, but no advantages, either. Humans can take any job.


Dwarfs are tough and wise mountain dwellers, but non-magical and argumentative, grumpy sorts. Dwarfs make excellent Clerics and Knights, and competent Fighters and Thieves, but may not be Wizards or Bards.


Elves are forest folk with fast reflexes and minds, and a ready wit and charm, but are weak, fragile, and foolish. Elves make excellent Thieves, Wizards, and Bards, but may not be Fighters, Clerics or Knights.


Gnomes are tiny hill-dwelling people, with fast reflexes and minds much like their Elven cousins. Gnomes make excellent Thieves and Wizards, and competent Bards, but may not be Fighters, Clerics, or Knights.


Half-Elves retain only the grace and fragility of their Elven parent, but are otherwise as balanced as a Human. Half-Elves make excellent Thieves, and can take any job.


Half-Orcs are tragic creatures, born in brutality. But Orcs are the ultimate survivors, always finding their own place in the badlands nobody else wants and eking out a living, and so Half-Orcs have found their own place in Human society, as thugs and soldiers. Half-Orcs retain their Orcish parent's strength and vitality, as well as their stupidity and ugliness. Half-Orcs make excellent Fighters and Knights, and competent Thieves, but may not be Wizards, Clerics, or Bards.




Fighters are the champions of hand-to-hand combat; they can take horrific amounts of damage, use powerful weapons, and wear the strongest armor.

Weapons: Swords, Spears, Axes, Missile
Armor: Cloth, Leather, Chain, Plate
Hit Points: 100%
To Hit: 100%


Thieves use treachery, stealth, and poison to make up for their relatively weak combat abilities.

Weapons: Light Swords, Light Axes, Missile
Armor: Cloth, Leather
Hit Points: 80%
To Hit: 75%
Steal: On every successful hit, a Thief may steal some gold from a foe.
Poison: On every successful hit, a Thief may poison a foe.


Wizards are students of black magic, using demonic powers to fight demons. Their wands and staves allow them to channel magical attacks doing a large amount of damage, and they can cast black magic spells, which inflict massive damage at range.

Weapons: Wands
Armor: Cloth
Hit Points: 40%
To Hit: 40%
Black Magic Cast any known black magic spell, as long as sufficient MP remain.


Clerics are priests and healers, using white magic spells to heal and protect themselves as they fight evil.

Weapons: Clubs
Armor: Cloth, Leather
Hit Points: 60%
To Hit: 50%
White Magic: Cast any known white magic spell, as long as sufficient MP remain.


Knights are holy warriors, especially skilled with spears and lances, and they can cast low-level white magic spells.

Weapons: Medium Swords, Clubs, Spears
Armor: Cloth, Leather, Chain
Hit Points: 80%
To Hit: 75%
White Magic: Uses white magic half as well as a Cleric. Cast any known white magic spell, as long as sufficient MP remain.


Bards are rogueish, magically powerful musicians. While they cannot fight well, their musical instruments allow them to channel magical attacks doing good damage, and they can cast low-level black magic spells.

Weapons: Light Swords, Light Axes, Light Missile, Music
Armor: Cloth, Leather
Hit Points: 60%
To Hit: 65%
Black Magic: Uses black magic half as well as a Wizard. Cast any known black magic spell, as long as sufficient MP remain.



You have a set of 6 stats, which determine your overall capabilities. If your stats are not well-suited to your job, you will do poorly and probably die.

Strength (Str)

Strength determines your chance to knock down doors and trees, and increases your damage in combat. Fighters and Knights especially need Strength.

Dexterity (Dex)

Dexterity increases your chance to hit in combat. For Thieves, it also determines the chance of stealing and poisoning. Thieves need Dexterity, but it will help anyone.

Constitution (Con)

Constitution increases your hit points. Fighters and Knights especially need Constitution, but it will help anyone.

Intelligence (Int)

Intelligence increases your black magic points. Only Wizards and Bards need it.

Wisdom (Wis)

Wisdom increases your white magic points. Only Clerics and Knights need it.

Charm (Cha)

Charm determines the cost of items in shops, and increases magic points, so Wizards, Clerics, Knights, and Bards all benefit from it.

Other Stats


Level measures your overall power. As you gain Levels, you will gain Hit Points, Magic Points, To Hit chance, and gain access to new spells. Level starts at 1, and can rise as high as 36.


Experience counts the monsters you kill, and when you reach a certain total, you advance to the next Level. You can see exactly how much you need with the Stats command from the main menu.

Hit Points

Your Hit Points measure how much damage you can take before dying. Hit Points can only be restored by: eating Rations or drinking Potions, resting at the Inn in the Village or Town, or using white magic spells. You start out very weak, so stay close to the village where you can rest!


You need money to finance your adventure; the Inn charges you rent based on your Level, and potions and other disposable items are expensive. Gold coins use the sun symbol ☉, silver coins use the moon symbol ☽.



The top 2/3 of the screen is the map view, showing everything around you for 5 grid squares, or about 15 yards. Tap on the outer parts of the map view, and you will move in that direction.

Below the map view is the text scroll. All events that happen in the game will be described here in detail.

At the corners of the map are your current hit points (HP), magic points (MP), experience (Exp), gold ☉ and silver ☽ coins, and any conditions: poison ☣ or curse ☠.


Tap on your hero in the center of the map view to show the main menu:

Use Item

Allows you to use a disposable item.
Rations, Potions, and Elixirs heal you a little, a lot, or entirely.
Antidote and Holy Water remove poisons and curses.
Æther restores many magic points.
Scroll of Return returns you to your home village. Use these when you are low on HP and about to die!


Casts a magic spell, if you know any. See Magic below.


Prints your full stats and inventory to the text scroll. Once you have tested a weapon or armor in combat, you will see its full stats; until then, only its name is shown.


Displays your map of the known world, showing every area you have visited.


Display this help page.

Save Game

Saves your game immediately; a good idea before doing something dangerous. The game will also be saved automatically when you leave the game, either by hitting the Home button or by taking a phone call.


Choose to enable/disable sound effects, or reset the game (killing your character).



To attack a foe, move into it. Depending on your job, level, stats, weapon, and luck, you may make a good hit (normal damage), a weak hit (half damage), a critical (+50% damage!), or a fumble (miss!).

Whenever you are near a foe, it will attack you.

If a foe is reduced to 0 HP, it will die, and you will take its gold, treasure (if any), and gain experience. Treasures can be disposable items like potions, or a weapon or armor. You must immediately decide if you want to replace your current weapon or armor with the new one. All weapons and armor are "bind on pick-up", so to speak, and cannot be sold, so you simply discard any you no longer use.

If you are reduced to 0 HP, you will die.



There are two health conditions that can be inflicted on you by monsters:


If you are poisoned, you will take a small amount of damage every turn, until you either resist it yourself (which may take 20-100 turns, probably likely to kill you first), or drink an Antidote, or find an inn to rest at.


If you are cursed, you will have half the normal chance to hit your foes in combat. The only ways to end a curse are to drink Holy Water, or find an inn to rest at.



There are two kinds of Magic: Black and White.

Wizards and Bards cast Black Magic, which is evil and destructive. Black Magic uses Intelligence to determine Magic Points gained per level.

Clerics and Knights cast White Magic, which is (mostly) benevolent and healing, with a few attack spells for self-defense. White Magic uses Wisdom to determine Magic Points gained per level.

The common knowledge spells are listed below. These spells are learned automatically by all Wizards, Bards, Clerics, or Knights. Rare spells may be discovered or purchased in time, adding to your spell book. Bards and Knights are treated as half their level for which spells are available.

Spells cost MP to cast equal to the spell's level, and the MP are spent even if the spell is of no use (an attack spell with no targets, healing when you're undamaged, etc.).

All of the basic spells are listed below; advanced spells can be learned from the Wizard and Witch.

Level Black Magic White Magic
1 Curse (A) Resist (H)
3 Magic Missile (A) Cure Minor (H)
5 Poison (A) Turn Undead (A)
10 Lightning Bolt (A) Pillar of Light (A)
15 Fireball (A) Cure Major (H)
20 Banish (A) Exorcism (A)
30 Meteor (A) Smite (A)

(A) Attack spell, always targets the nearest foe, choosing the most damaged, or at random if there are multiple ties. You cannot be harmed by your own attack spells, even if they have an area of destruction.

(H) Healing spell, only affects yourself.

Black Magic Spells


Curse (Level 1)

Inflicts a curse on the nearest monster, halving its attack bonuses. Monsters may resist its effect.

Magic Missile (Level 3)

Shoots a magic bolt of fire at the nearest monster, doing weak damage (based on your level and Intelligence).

Poison (Level 5)

Inflicts poison on the nearest monster, so it takes damage every turn. Poisonous monsters are immune, and monsters may resist the effect.

Lightning Bolt (Level 10)

Fires a lightning bolt at the nearest monster, and continues on a straight line past it to the end of the map. Does strong damage (based on your level and Intelligence) to everything in the path. Will burn the ground and trees, and may start a forest fire; when you return to the map it'll be a charred ruin.

Fireball (Level 15)

Shoots a fireball at the nearest monster, and spreads out in a 2 square radius, doing strong damage (based on your level and Intelligence) to everything in the area. Burns trees and may start a forest fire, like Lightning Bolt.

Banish (Level 20)

Casts a lethal magical attack (based on your level and Intelligence) against the nearest monster.

Meteor (Level 30)

Brings down a rain of fiery meteors across the entire map, burning and destroying everything with strong damage (based on your level and Intelligence).

White Magic Spells


Resistance (Level 1)

Heals you of all conditions (poisons and curses).

Cure Minor (Level 3)

Heals you of a small amount of damage (based on your Charisma).

Turn Undead (Level 5)

Holy light inflicts strong damage (based on your level and Charisma) to the nearest undead monster (zombie, etc.). Has no effect on living monsters.

Pillar of Light (Level 10)

A shaft of holy light comes down on the nearest monster, and everything directly above or below it, inflicting strong damage (based on your level and Charisma).

Cure Major (Level 15)

Heals you of a large amount of damage (based on your Charisma).

Exorcism (Level 20)

Holy light floods the entire map, inflicting strong damage (based on your level and Charisma) to all undead monsters. Has no effect on living monsters.

Smite (Level 30)

Holy light inflicts lethal damage (based on your level and Charisma) to the nearest monster.



When you die, you will see the high score list. Hit Reset to start over. If you saved, your character is not lost; you can hit Continue Game to carry on from that last save.

Copyright © 2008,2014 by Mark Damon Hughes. All Rights Reserved.

Tile art © by David Gervais.