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JICB is a nice, simple ICB client application (not an applet) written in Java. This makes it portable and hopefully consistent across all platforms with Java 1.2.

If you don't have Java, see
You MUST have the 1.4 version of Java or later. Mac OS X has Java pre-installed, Windows and Linux users will need to install it.
Download JICB v1.12
(zip, 69k, 2004Jan21), requires JDK 1.4 or later
Read the readme file


  1. Have you got the Java Runtime Environment or Java Development Kit, version 1.4 or later? If not, get it from and install it.
  2. Unzip somewhere on your hard drive. It doesn't matter where.
  3. Look in the directory "jicb" it created.
  4. Read the "!README!.TXT" file. No, really. *I MEAN IT*.
  5. Double-click on "jicb.jar", or type "java -jar jicb.jar" from the command line.

You should now be enjoying ICB in the comfort of your home! Enjoy.If you have any problems, let me know.

JICB 1.07
Still available if you can only run JDK 1.02.
Read the readme file

Last modified: 2004Jan21
JICB 1.12 update

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