Package mdh.hephaestus2

Interface Summary
LocationReadOnly A read-only interface to Location.

Class Summary
Adventure All Hephaestus adventures must be subclasses of Adventure, and implement the newGame() method to set up the adventure.
Block A stationary object.
Creature Any non-player entity, whether friendly or hostile.
Editor The Hephaestus map editor.
Entity Common code of any mobile entity - Creature and Player.
Game Main application of Hephaestus 2.
Global Constants and utility methods for Hephaestus 2.
Grid A single map square.
Item Any portable Thing - usually used for equipment.
Map A 2D map of Grids.
MoveResult MoveResult is the return code from movement or from callbacks.
Player A player character.
Props A collection of key/value pairs, with default values.
Statted Anything with stats and gold value - Items, Creatures, and Players.
Stuff Anything in the system with an id, a name, and a trigger callback.
Terrain Terrain types.
Thing Anything that can appear on a Map.
Tile A simple animated tile.
World Game world model.

Exception Summary
HephaestusException Base exception class for errors generated in Hephaestus.