Package mdh.hephaestus2.gamelib

Class Summary
Application GUI framework - holds a Screen and optional menu bar and status line (the latter two are created on demand), and provides a slew of basic services.
BorderPanel A panel with a rectangular solid-colored border of varying width.
DoublePanel A double-buffered panel.
FileBrowser A cross-platform file dialog.
Icon An Icon is an image or part of an image.
IconList A scrolling list with an icon and a hotkey for each entry.
ImagePanel A double-buffered panel with an image background.
MetaDialog A generalized input dialog.
MultiLabel A MultiLabel is a simple component that can display multiple lines of text.
Screen Screen is a self-updating graphics display.
Sprite A Sprite is a simple object that can appear on a Screen.
SpriteGroup SpriteGroup organizes several sprites into a collection (internally, an ArrayList), and includes methods to detect collisions between groups.
SpriteScreen SpriteScreen is a Screen which can hold SpriteGroups.
StackLayout2 StackLayout2 places one component on top of another (as seen in the Committee to Put Things On Top Of Other Things).
Terminal A "glass TTY" with scrollback, and optional icons next to every line.