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Version 0.7.1, released 2006Jul29

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  • GameScroll is a system for playing and writing interactive fiction like Choose Your Own Adventure(TM) or Fighting Fantasy(TM) gamebooks... But instead of flipping pages, GameScroll runs them as an impartial gamemaster!
  • Adventures can remember where you've been and what you've done, unlike web-based "choose your own adventure" games!
  • Runs on every OS!
  • Authoring system as simple as writing a web page!
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What's New?

Version 0.7.1 (released 2006Jul29)
Version 0.7 (released 2005May03)
Version 0.6 (released 2005Apr25)
Version 0.5 (released 2005Apr20)
Version 0.4 (released 2004Feb17)
Version 0.3 (released 2004Feb14)

Future Plans

The development path up to 1.0 looks pretty clear, now:

Planned for 0.8
Graphical adventure editor, instead of writing XML by hand.
Planned for 1.0
GameScroll 1.0 will be released when all the previous features have been playtested properly.

Last modified: 2006Jul29
Version 0.7.1

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