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Scripting in Xcode 4 2010-07-23 20:24:00 GMT
in cocoa
by Mark Damon Hughes

The new Xcode 4 beta is up at ADC, and I'm learning its quirks and changed keyboard keys, and just as quickly remapping them back to my keys.

But one thing is missing: Scripts, in particular my accessors.py script isn't available.

There's a way to work around that, though: Services. If you open Automator, it'll prompt you to create a project. Pick Service, give it some recognizable name. Now choose Run Shell Script, click "Replaces selected text", type the path of your script (using $HOME for home, not ~), and saveā€¦ And it's magically ready in the Services menu.

To give it a key binding, you'll need to use System Preferences, Keyboard, Services. I'm not sure how (or if) you can change the category from Text to Development, but at least you can extend Xcode with scripts now.

My Cocoa dev scripts

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