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Perilar 2.0 2008-11-04 04:00:00 GMT
in games/perilar
by Mark Damon Hughes

I've shipped Perilar 2.0 to the App Store, and it should be released Monday, Nov 3!
Perilar 2.0 is "Ready for Sale", and should be available on the App Store by the time you read this!

New features:

  • Dungeons have opened, and are filled with monsters, traps, and chests of treasure.
  • Wizard and Witch offer quests, and can offer training to increase stats and learn new spells.
  • Armorer and Weaponsmith offer quests, and can offer enchantments to weapons.
  • Bards' music instruments can now inflict confusion.
  • Eight new advanced spells.
  • User Interface enhancements:
    • Changing race and job change your avatar.
    • On-screen health bars are thicker and color-coded.
    • Removed stats bar, put HP, MP, Exp, and money on game screen.
    • Increased font size of detail text.
    • New Shop, Cast, Use Item dialogs.
    • Improved audio mixing.
  • System menu option to erase score file (in 1.0, a system crash while saving scores could wreck the entire game; that shouldn't happen now, but if it does, this gives you a cure other than erasing your save game).

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