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DungeonDice released, at long last 2008-09-07 19:00:00 GMT
in games/dungeondice
by Mark Damon Hughes
Dungeon Dice

DungeonDice, my die-rolling utility for tabletop role-playing games, has finally come out!

I’ve had a long, LONG process getting it out. Apple’s iTunes Connect is, shall we say, not the most Apple-like experience I’ve ever had with Apple. It takes anywhere from a week to 2 weeks to push an update out, or get feedback saying what went wrong.

The first version bounced because the upload failed. Weeks later, when rejected, I was able to fix it.

The second update was rejected for a user interface violation (I was misusing a list control for the add dice screen). I’m okay with that--I’d rather know if it wasn’t up to spec than put out a bad product--but I’m baffled as to how some of the things on the App Store got there, if Apple really is verifying UI design. How did “I Am Rich” go up? How do the terrible “Handy Randy” get accepted?

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