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Entering the Nexus Worlds 2008-08-23 19:00:00 GMT
in games/nexus
by Mark Damon Hughes
Nexus Worlds

I’m getting pretty close now to a release of my new iPhone game, and I can share some information with you.

The game is “Nexus Worlds”, and it’s a multiplayer online adventure/role-playing game.

You find yourself on a primitive, medieval world, a Homeworld. Each Homeworld is unique, and only you can explore it; this part of the game is single-player, and entirely contained on your iPhone. A small city provides supplies and support. Outside of the gates is an increasingly-dangerous wilderness and eventually dungeons, awaiting your exploration.

The other way out of your city is the Nexus, a gateway between worlds. Once you pass through the Nexus, you will find yourself in an ever-expanding web of worlds, filled with dangers, rewards, and most importantly, other explorers.

There are 4 planned phases in the development of Nexus Worlds:

  • Phase I: Single-player local gameplay, with an endless dungeon, monsters, and treasures. This is nearly done; monsters and treasures need more work, but the basics are in place.
  • Phase II: Single-player online gameplay, exploring worlds created by myself and others online. This is nearly done, though not tested sufficiently.
  • Phase III: Multi-player chat in the online worlds. Not started yet.
  • Phase IV: Multi-player challenges, special online gameplay. Not started yet.

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