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Version 0.3, released 2004Oct19

   Aiee! allows you to design and play text adventures, or "interactive fiction". Aiee! adventures are written in a simple XML-based format, without the need for any programming experience. Aiee! adventures can even include illustrations and sound.


Download & Installation

  1. You must have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), version 1.4 or later.
    Windows and Linux users will find the latest versions there.
    MacOS X users already have Java installed.
    MacOS 9 or lower cannot run Aiee!.
  2. Download and unzip (133K)
    (you can unzip it anywhere).
  3. Now start the game:
    Run ./
    Double-click on aiee.jar
    MacOS X:
    Double-click on aiee.jar

    If you want to play in text mode, change the size of the window, or send logging to a file other than default.log, you can call Aiee! from the command line:
    ./ -?
    java -jar aiee.jar -?
    shows the command-line options (java must be in your path; Windows users will need to append ;WHATEVER to My Computer|Advanced|Environment|PATH, where WHATEVER is the dir containing java.exe).

  4. Enjoy!


Released version 0.3! This is mostly a bugfix release, but there's one important new feature:
Released version 0.2! Yes, it's been a while, between adding many features and working. What's new?
Released version 0.1

The Future

Aiee! has three central goals.

Legal Stuff

Aiee! is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

Aiee! is freeware, for personal use only. You are permitted to download and use it at no charge. You may not redistribute it without the author's express written permission.

Adventures you have written belong to you--you may distribute them under any terms you like. You may not bundle Aiee! with them, instead you should provide a link to the Aiee home page

Last modified: 2004Oct19
Version 0.3

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